Check out some of my playlists!

Music is meant to be shared. Here are some of my playlists where I can share with you my favourite tunes, the best newcomers, the old but gold, and the songs you’ll have on repeat next week.

Idie Bidie Indie

This playlist is a showcase of up-and-coming indie bands – you know the ones that you are secretly happy that you found first? Got to go to those intimate gigs? Got to watch them grow? Indie is such a broad genre that there is bound to be something in ‘Idie Bidie Indie’ for everyone. If I am missing someone you think should be featured, then let me know. The purpose of Idie Bidie Indie is to be a useful tool for artists to grow and find new listeners, so help me make it just that by giving it a follow.

 Summer Songs 

This playlist was inspired by Cassia's 'Powerlines' EP. 'Powerlines' is full of feel-good syncopated guitar and features a fusion of genres that are not often heard in indie music. I wanted to create a playlist full of indie-pop (and a couple of classic feel good summer songs) that are the ultimate summer anthems - some to relax to some to dance to but they all encapsulate that summer vacation feeling.

 The Non-Christmas Playlist 

It's 2021 and the past two Christmases haven't been quite as festive as we might have hoped. The Non-Christmas Playlist is a carefully curated compilation of songs that were charting at Christmas from 2000-2020. Looking back at the millennium so far this playlist is great if you're looking to be hit violently with a wave of nostalgia, if you're just not feeling Christmassy, or perhaps if you don't celebrate Christmas but you still want to join in with the festivities.