'You Coming Back?': A Beck is reviving 00's R&B

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Breaking on to the music scene in 2020 A Beck has spent a year delivering nostalgic tunes to his followers. Hailing from Orlando Florida, although he is new to the industry Abeck already has a well-established sound, a sound that echoes early 00's Pop, bound to take you back to simpler times.


Abeck is re-writing and reviving naughties R&B. Stripped back beats and short melodic loops direct your attention to Abeck's raspy vocals. Most of his discography to date follows suit, but this is not to say that they are simple songs. 'Sent from Space' - Abeck's first Spotify release utilises synth sounds and vocal echoes to portray the vastness of space conveying the cosmological themes of the EP. Meanwhile, his more recent single 'Fun in the Sun' finds its main melody on the marimba resulting in a song saturated with the memories of the summer sun. Both 'Sent from Space' and 'Fun in the Sun' contrast Abeck's latest single 'You Coming back?'

Released in May 2021, 'You Coming Back?', is also defined by Abeck's typical style as it delivers the almost universal narrative of young love. The track tells the story of an anxious young lover waiting for his sweetheart to return from college and the worry over whether the 'girl is going to be yours'.

Beginning with a vocal sample the question 'Why would you do this?' sets the tone for the single as it conveys the innocence and passion of the young lovers. Sampled drum beats create a foundation for the passionate singer. Abeck uses this music as a platform to showcase the catchy but heartfelt R&B hook as he sings of his 'summer blues' showing his admiration for his absent lover. This song is a careful and humble showcase of Abeck's talent as he shows his ability to write emotive and memorable lyrics.

Abeck's has managed to write R&B music that appeals to the romantic in everyone - a difficult feat. His versatile discography has songs to dance to, songs to reflect to, but there is no doubt that 'You Coming Back?' is the perfect soundtrack to your late-night drives as you reminisce about your youth, nostalgia, and lost loves.


You can listen to Abeck's latest single 'You Coming Back?' here.

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