Greysha is bringing a darker edge to pop music with new single 'Aspirin'.

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Shropshire based Greysha has taken the bold step to pursue music full time – an ambition that is reflective in the narrative of her new single ‘Aspirin’ which is to Greysha a ‘gospel’ of self-reclaim, a response to every lover who has expected her to change or to be ‘theirs and theirs only’.

‘Aspirin’ follows Greysha’s debut single ‘Life Goes Fluently’, a track characterised by its gentle acoustic guitar, something that was left behind to create the dark pop feel that haunts ‘Aspirin’. Greysha is clearly finding her niche as an artist. Opening with a evocative whirring, it is apparent that Greysha is making use of her recording tools to explore her musical identity, creating an eerie tension as the piece begins.

The song layers looped percussion with a chordal guitar movement; initially, this presents the song with a sense of stability successfully conveying Greysha's fierce new found independence. As the song continues these loops seem stubborn and linger, however, this is cleverly utilised – providing a familiar foundation to show case the vocals and draw attention to the thematic content of the song. Greysha places her vocals front and centre. She is here and she needs to be heard! She is musically reflecting the statement that ‘This song is about not being owned by anyone’ placing herself in a position of strength and vulnerability at the heart of this single.

The vocal style in ‘Aspirin’ is unique but reminiscent of Marina and the Diamonds. Greysha sings with pure and strong tone quality, frequently implementing a vocal hiccup, something that set this single apart from her debut. This technique provides a playful melodic exploration, almost tongue and cheek, however, it fails to drive home the soulful connotations of ‘gospel’ something that the rest of the track seems so determined to do.

Ultimately ‘Aspirin’ is a piece of electronica coloured with a darker and more cinematic edge. Greysha is a brand-new name on the music scene and she shows a desire to explore and cultivate her own new sound. With such growth having occurred between her two singles the prospect of a unique artist is on the horizon as Greysha establishes her own musical identity.

You can listen to Greysha's new single here or find it on spotify.

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