Lyerr's 'Doctors Orders' - Track Review.

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Tongue-in-cheek Manchester band Lyerr have revised their 2016 single ‘Doctors Orders’ pulling it into 2021 as it shines a light on the normality that now accompanies much of the daily turmoil in the current pandemic. The single carries a frustration that echoes the band’s anger with the governmental ‘Rethink. Retrain. Reboot’ campaign and the lack of support for the arts industries.


'Doctors Orders’ opens with a guitar steeped in reverb, sounding distant and inciting anticipation. The band builds up an image of urbanisation with a palpable snare accenting alternate beats that drive home a tension that is softened to melancholy by the introduction of the piano and acoustic guitar. As the first verse is introduced the stereo space is flooded with a multitude of different sounds. This single is so heavily textured that it furthers the mechanic imagery that connotes the urban, yet it is so masterfully done that with each repeat you can hone in on a new element or you might simply choose to appreciate how they all work in tandem; this results in a unique and exciting listening experience.

Almost humorous the lyric ‘there’s a hippie protesting by the chippy that you left behind’ (depicted on the album artwork) echoes the scenes of turmoil present in much of modern media whilst euphemistically providing it with a degree of light-heartedness. Lead vocalist Ryan Johnson’s colloquial dialect used here almost makes the song conversational in its discussion of protests and pain providing a sense of comradery between the singer and the listener. Simultaneously a level of vulnerability is exposed as Ryan pleads, presumably with a former lover to ‘wait for me by the corner to set me free’.

The song is the perfect blend of get-up-and-dance and all too familiar sensations of anxiety and struggle that perfectly define the indie rock genre. Lyerr have captured a national feeling of unrest and packaged it all into 3 minutes and 59 seconds that will allow you to dance, jump and shout away your troubles.


You can listen to 'Doctors Orders' here:

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