Making it in Music: In Conversation With Angela Mastronardi

If you've kept up to date with this years Netflix releases you will have found yourself enthralled with the most recent season of Sex Education earlier this year. Perhaps you even found yourself wondering just how they packed so many good tunes into the third season of the show. Well, the answer is simple - the answer is Sync, more specifically Angela Mastronardi the Senior Sync Executive at Sony Music Entertainment.

Living by the motto "Never give up!" Mastronardi found her feet in the music industry through continuous grind and hard work. Talking to her it is clear that she is really passionate about her role in Sync at Sony, even if it did happen almost by accident.

Shaping her education around a desire to work in music, she eventually secured an internship on CD:UK, a music television programme that aired until 2006, which lead to a Saturday runner position for twelve weeks. Before entering the world of Sync, Mastronardi also worked as a management assistant for Lateral Management. However, Angela, still felt that she hadn't quite found a role that fit her. It was only when she was applying for a role at Sony that she found her way into her current role. Being told that her prefered vacancy wasn't the right fit for her she was encouraged to apply for a role in Sync instead.

Angela has noted that Sync, previously overlooked, has become a more glamorised aspect of music since the start of the pandemic. Very simply put Sync is matching images or videos with music and Mastronardi has done this for many Netflix shows, such as the aforementioned Sex Education but also for British programmes like Killing Eve. Receiving briefs Angela finds the right track and negotiates a fee for the artist. Music is critically important in advertisement, TV and Film, and the right song choice can really shape the way that media is perceived. The only drawback, that Angela could note, to working in Sync is that receiving briefs for scenes to pair with music often provides her with unwanted spoilers for shows that she was otherwise looking forward to.

As we continued to discuss Angela's work on Sex Education in greater detail she revealed how the briefs can sometimes be a little awkward, to say the least. Laughing as she recalled 'the opening title, how do you describe that your writers?', she continued saying 'the opening scene is just a bunch of teenagers f*cking away' and 'you have to explain this to old writers' working on the music - perhaps a slightly odd conversation to be having in your workplace.

The most notable thing during this conversation with Angela is that she was brimming with passion for her role in Sync and is clearly enjoying this chapter in her career. She also notes how lucky she was to find two of her best friends through assuming this role but also to have wider opportunities in the music industry, such as managing Banx & Ranx. With Mastronardi behind the soundtracks of many British and Netflix series, it is no wonder they are so excellently curated as she seems to bring determination and positivity to her role.

When finally asking Angela her advice for anyone looking to start out in any aspect of the music industry her guidance was simple 'never give up and go with your gut'.

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