Wizz Air to run domestic flights to Jersey.

Updated: Dec 24, 2021


Hungarian airline Wizz Air is set to establish new domestic flights to Jersey. These flights will be available from two UK cities, Doncaster Sheffield and Cardiff Wales.

In 2020 the travel industry was put under financial strain due to travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many airlines experienced a loss of profit due to travel restrictions that were implemented to halt the spread of the Corona Virus. However, Wizz Air has found a solution for hopeful British holidaymakers that could prevent the unstable 'traffic light' travel system from obstructing their travel plans.

With the UK being subjected to travel restrictions, that are nothing if uncertain, Wizz Aie has established these domestic flights routes so that holidays can be booked and taken on short notice. This format should allow people to avoid their holiday destination transitioning from 'green' travel status to 'amber' or 'red'. Wizz Air has made this possible with low-cost flights and the opportunity to cancel up to three hours before departure. Starting from July 9th flights to Jersey from Doncaster or Cardiff can be booked for as low as £17.99 each way – allowing holiday hopefuls to book flights at a moment's notice.

Senator Lyndon Farnham stated that as Wizz Air takes on these new domestic flights those routes lost by the demise of FlyBe have all been successfully replaced 'which is testament to both the work of Ports of Jersey and the strength of Jersey as a destination. Wizz Air is a very welcome addition to the portfolio of airlines serving Jersey and I wish them every success’, therefore, evidencing Wizz’s ability to endure the pandemic better than most, despite its status as a budget airline. Although Wizz Air expects to see another year of profit loss in 2022 establishing these new flights is done with the intention of keeping the company alive and above its bottom line. The airline is looking forward to the recovery of the travel industry and is hopeful that this is on the horizon for 2023.


The above press release is a mock example.

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