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Other Projects 

Take a sneak peek at some of the other projects that I have been working on. They might not all be in the music industry but they all count towards building and gaining skills imperative to any job. 

If you have an ongoing project or are thinking of beginning a new one please do not hesitate to contact me. 



Luigi Boutique 

From October 2021 to November 2021 I worked alongside the owner of a local Boutique, Luigi  Boutique. During this time I rearranged the website, re-categorising clothes and making it easier to navigate. I established E-commerce platforms on both Instagram and Facebook, increasing traffic by 68% and 72% in less than a month. I also provided information insight into how to more effectively utilise their social media platforms. I also managed a sales campaign with Mensware shop David's, also in Haslemere. For this I designed a coupon that could be used in either shop to encourage people to browse both stores, therefore, increasing in-person customers after the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.


In October 2021 I had the privilege of one week's work experience at Measure PR in London. During this time I learnt how to compile a PR pack and this provided me with an insight into how a successful PR campaign is established as I saw the copious coverage received for an artist on many different blog sites, magazines and radio stations. I also developed a spreadsheet documenting different news sites and journalists in certain areas. This allowed Measure PR to obtain coverage for their artists as they reached a new part of their tour. Compiling this Excel Sheet also taught me how to effectively research and network. I was also given the chance to write a Press Release for one of their artists, which was then discussed with Steve Rose as we lightly amended the piece before it was sent to ensure it struck the right chord.

Measure PR 

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